Zyta-C was created
by a physician with a young family and a demanding medical career...

Dr. Z and his quest

Zyta-C was created by a physician with a young family and a demanding medical career. His quest for the ultimate liposomal supplement was initially undertaken to fight his own colds.

Dr. Z caught debilitating colds multiple times each year that would linger for weeks. They interfered with his work and family life and he was determined to make them stop. He researched forms of Vitamin C, Zinc and other compounds traditionally used to improve immunity and fight colds. Dr. Z used a liposomal delivery method because liposomes are scientifically proven to improve nutrient absorption. 

Zyta-C is the culmination of 5 years of product development.

Good taste & Great ideas

There are several liposomal Vitamin C products on the market but none with Zinc, which Dr Z thinks is equally important.

Dr. Z made the product a tasty gel (so it doesn't have to be mixed with anything). His wife insisted that it taste good so she gathered a group of preschool moms to taste test various flavors before picking natural citrus. Mrs. Z also wanted an easy to take and carry format, so Dr. Z packaged the supplement in convenient single serve sachets.

Zyta-C production

Dr. Z never intended to sell the product but his experiences (and those of friends and colleagues) were so compelling that he was convinced to bring it to market. 

It's a full family operation with Dr. Z focusing on quality, Mrs. Z helping with marketing and even the little Zs (ages 7, 9 and 11) going to Vermont to check out the intense production process (and swim in Lake Champlain).

We sourced the best nationwide producers for all ingredients and processes with companies from New Jersey to Vermont to Connecticut – – only the best for Zyta-C!

Zyta-C works great for our family -- We cannot say if it will work as well for you, but we invite you to try it and find out!

In the best of health,

Dr and Mrs Z