Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Zyta-C special?

Zyta-C is special because it is the only product that combines Liposomal Vitamin C and Liposomal Zinc. Additionally, unlike many other liposomal products, we think Zyta-C, tastes great!

When during the day should I take Zyta-C?

You can take Zyta-C anytime during the day. However, since many people experience increased energy from Zyta-C, we recommend taking it in the morning and afternoon.

Is Zyta-C processed in a facility with products that contain eggs?

There are NO EGGS in any of the products at our production facility.

Does Zyta-C contain alcohol?

No, Zyta-C has NO ALCOHOL.

Does Zyta-C contain dairy?

No, Zyta-C has NO DAIRY.

Does Zyta-C contain gluten?

No, Zyta-C is GLUTEN FREE.

Does Zyta-C contain wheat?

No, Zyta-C is wheat free.

Is Zyta-C processed in a facility that contains fish, shellfish, milk, soy, tree nuts or gluten?

However, tree nuts occur in our facility only as a repackaged oil. Additionally, many of our products are tested for wheat, soy and gluten on a regular basis and are free of these allergens. High Point Laboratories has verified cleaning and testing procedures in place to prevent cross contamination.

Can I take Zyta-C if I am pregnant or nursing?

We recommend that anyone who is pregnant or nursing discuss all supplements and medications with their physician or healthcare provider. Congratulations!

How is Zyta-C shipped and what is the time frame?

High Point Laboratories uses USPS to send you Zyta-C. Orders are shipped within two business days. If an order cannot be shipped for any reason, we will notify you within two business days. We ship on weekdays so weekend orders, ship the following Monday.

Do Zyta-C deliveries require signature and do they provide tracking information?

High Point Laboratories does not require signature for delivery – we want you to get your Zyta-C as easily as possible – and we do provide tracking information upon request.

Can I mix Zyta-C with coffee, tea or other warm drinks?

We recommend that Zyta-C be taken alone (we love the taste) or with a cool beverage such as cool water, iced tea or juice.

How much Zyta-C should I take?

We recommend taking two packets of Zyta-C per day. Please speak to your medical provider or healthcare professional about taking additional packets.

Can I give Zyta-C to my children?

Zyta-C is made for adults. Please speak to your pediatrician or healthcare provider before giving it to your children.

Can I take Zyta-C with my medications?

Please speak to your healthcare provider about taking Zyta-C with other medications.

Why is the product more expensive than other Vitamin C or Zinc products?

Zyta-C is more expensive than some other vitamins because of the complicated manufacturing process required to make the liposomal formula. The product is made in a high-end U.S. based manufacturing facility that has been certified to ensure excellence. All of the ingredients are premium and the product is manufactured under the supervision of an accomplished biochemist. Lastly the packaging, transportation and storage are of the highest quality possible in order to prolong the effectiveness of the product.

Who developed Zyta-C?

Zyta-C was created by an Ivy League-trained physician who was tired of getting sick all the time. He partnered with an accomplished biochemist to make Zyta-C.

Where can I purchase Zyta-C?

Zyta-C can be purchased on our website, or on Amazon

I own a shop or an Internet store. Can I sell Zyta-C?

Please contact us at for information about selling our product.

Why doesn’t Zyta-C dissolve in water?

Zyta-C does not dissolve in water because it is not water soluble. Zyta-C is liposomal meaning it is fat soluble and can move directly into your bloodstream and through your cell membranes to the cells in your body that need nutrients.

Can I put Zyta-C in the blender?

No, we recommend that you do not put Zyta-C in the blender because blending is likely to damage the liposomes.

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